Trial of Trails

The Stationary Bike RPG


Trial of Trails

features the artistic talents of...

Josh Huf

Josh studied animation and film at Griffith University. He does modeling, texturing, animation and illustration, and also has an interest in music. Josh has provided monster sprites for Trial of Trails, as well as general creative input. Visit his blog here:

Vanette Kosman

Vanette is a digital artist who specializes in the female figure, using different styles such as manga, realistic and american drawing. Her art has been been featured in print and she is currently studying animation at ORT University. Vanette has drawn the player sprites and NPCs in Trial of Trails. Her portfolio can be found here:

Santiago Rosas

Santiago is a traditional and digital illustrator and animator. He's worked in animation, concept videos, video games, and comics. He is currently studying Animation and Video Games at ORT University. Santiago contributed enemy sprites and designs to Trial of Trails. See his portfolio here:

Rachel Marks

Rachel is a colorist for R-Comics, Senior Art Director for Bang Bang Attack Studios, and does steady contract work for Kerberos Studios. Rachel is creating the background art for the battle sequences in Trial of Trails. Visit her blog below:

Robert Altbauer

Robert is a freelance cartographer and illustrator. He is a longtime fan of sci-fi, fantasy, & alternate history, and has created numerous maps for RPGs and novels. Robert did much of the work on the Trails overworld map. You can visit his website here:

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