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Trial of Trails is Here!

Yes, just in time for your New Year's resolutions, Trial of Trails has entered public beta. You can download it now for free!

What does the beta include? Everything! The whole game, all locations, items, quests, story arc, and epilogues have been coded. What's missing? Artwork. Most of the NPCs have no art and many enemies use placeholder images. While I think that creative and colorful imagery is hugely important to maintain interest in an exercise game like Trial of Trails, I hope and believe that the story and questlines will be engaging enough to keep players coming back for more.

What do you need to play? Well, a stationary bike for starters. Then, you can build or buy a controller to interface with Trial of Trails.

Update 7/3/14

Okay, I think it’s time to admit that no, Trial of Trails did not meet its KickStarter goal. However, I’d like to give a huge thanks to all of my supporters who wanted to see this project come to life. The good news is that I will be keeping my word and Trial of Trails will be released in its current state, free of charge. Trial of Trails will be completely playable, only lacking some artwork and additional content. At the moment, the beta is probably 20 minutes of work away from release. Before you get your hopes up, though, I’m not planning a release until fall or winter of this year.

Why am I waiting so long to release it now? Well, a few reasons. First, I just need to shelve the project for a little while. I’m human, and if I said I wasn’t a bit disheartened and demotivated by the KickStarter’s failure, I would be lying. It’s also nice to have a break. I made no exaggerations when I claimed to have worked on this game every day for over a year. There was maybe 7 days total when I hadn’t been able to spend any time, and the majority of days I did have time for seldom saw fewer than 4 hours labor. It’s been great to take some time and relax and pursue other projects. Next, I still want Trial of Trails to succeed. It’s currently the heat of summer over the northern hemisphere, when gamers are spending less time indoors and cyclists are riding on actual bikes. Releasing the game now would probably net a few dozen downloads before interest faded away. During wintertime and the new year, when bad weather drives people indoors and talk of New Year’s resolutions start cropping up, an exercise game like this might be better received.

So, for everyone who is still looking forward to the Trial of Trails, sign up for the mailing list and you will receive word when it is released.

Update 4/19/14

Please visit the Trial of Trails Kickstarter page today:


to the world of Trails! Trails is a world of fantasy where players visit exciting places, meet strange peoples, and earn a living for themselves. What makes Trial of Trails special is how players travel about the overworld. Most RPGs expect players to move by holding a joystick or button in the direction they wish to voyage. In Trial of Trails, players use a specially built controller that interfaces with a stationary bike or other piece of equipment. They must bike the real-world distance along the routes of Trails, lugging behind their trusty cart of wares. Of course, all is not well in Trails. Monsters are attacking at a steadily increasing rate. Roads are no longer safe. The mountains are teeming with creatures. What force could be behind this madness?

Trial of Trails

aims to take exercise and turn it into the kind of grand adventure that RPG fans love and crave. The story unfolds and is paced in such a way that players should feel compelled to get back on their bikes each night - a desire that many find difficult to apply to fitness. There are quests to complete, loot to be collected, and monsters to slay. Like any RPG, it takes many hours to complete. The difference this time, is that instead of hours on the couch or hunched in front of a computer, players will be exercising for hours each week.


is key. Trial of Trails contains 21 unique locations filled with points of interest. The game's script contains over 65,000 words and is growing. The story plays out over thousands of miles, and players will burn tens of thousands of calories by the time they've experienced it all. Trails is a living entity that players will become a part of over the course of months. The average gamer will be able to bike leisurely every night for a year and still not experience everything the game has to offer.

Update 3/16/14

Build your own controller!

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